Shubhechha Samarambh & Divine Ashirwad - Shree Swaminarayan Temple New Jersey

On August 10th, 2022, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj departed USA from the Newark Liberty International Airport for the United Kingdom. The previous night, disciples at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple New Jersey held a Shubhechha Samarambh program. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj showerd His ashirwad one last time in the United States. Disciples expressed their gratitude for his lengthy vicharan this summer. At the airport, disciples had one last chance to perform darshan and bid Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and the sant mandal farewell and safe travels to the UK. 

Disciples will look forward to seeing Acharya Swamiji Maharaj in India to celebrate the upcoming Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Suvarna Mahotsav this September, 17 -25 2022.