Sunday 10 December 2023 | Kartik Vad 12, Samvat 2080

Sun 10 Dec 2023

On Monday, August 1st, 2022, Acharya Shree Jitendriyapriyadasji Swamiji Maharaj was welcomed by disciples at the Shree Swaminarayan Mandal in Horseheads, NY. Disciples escorted Acharya Swamiji Maharaj by singing kirtans and playing manjira and dholak. Upon entrance to the Hari Mandir, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj cut a ribbon signifying a grand opening for the new Hari Mandir hall. 

Acharya Swamiji Maharaj performed poojan of the murtis and adorned them with garlands of roses. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and disciples then performed aarti. Sants performed katha and kirtan bhakti after everyone was situated. Afterwards, two young disciples gave speeches about Acharya Swamiji Maharaj. To celebrate Acharya Swamiji's aarival to the Mandal, a tula was also held. Shree Harikrishna Maharaj was weighed against diamonds. All disciples in attendance performed darshan of the tula as it was performed.