On Sunday June 17th, 2018, the Shree Swaminaryan New Jersey Temple held a picnic at High Point State Park in Sussex County, New Jersey for the community. Over 100 disciples and community members enjoyed an outdoor picnic in beautiful weather to celebrate Father's Day. Under the sunny skies, disciples of all ages enjoyed activities. 

Young disciples participated in numerous games organized by elder disciples including races and tug of war. Older disciples enjoyed competitive games of volleyball, football, and cricket, while some tossed a baseball around. Elders also enjoyed themselves while walking the scenic trails through the state park.

Throughout the picnic, disciples enjoyed freshly prepared food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner such as fafda, chatni, jalebi, sandwiches, and pani-puri. Overall, members of the community enjoyed a day of bonding and relaxation in the park as they played different sports, explored the park's trails and scenery, and conversed with each all day long.