Divine darshan of supreme almighty Lord Shree SwaminarayanDivine darshan of Jeevanpran Shree Abji BapashreeDivine darshan of Jeevanpran Shree Muktajeevan SwamibapaMany carnival attendants attempted the obstacle course, often challenging a family member or friend in a raceHundreds of guests participated in the New Year's festivities with games and activities for everyone to enjoyA fan-favorite, 'hoop shot,' attracted many participants from all agesA participant aims to throw a bean bag through a narrow hole in 'pitch out'Participants line up for a chance to earn their team points by guiding a ball down a tricky pathA participant plays 'bean toss,' hoping to get the bean bag in one of the holes to earn his team pointsA participant swings ferociously at 'high striker' attempting to ring the bell at the topA father and sons trio attempt to beat 'high striker' togetherA participant teaches his son how to putt a golf ballA son challenges his father in 'gladiator'Older participants duel each other in 'gladiator'A volunteer assists an excited young participant in 'hoop shot'Participants line up at the booths to play the various carnival gamesA participant attempts to hit the 'fat cats' with bean bagsThe final results show Team 4, Nirgunbapa Team, winning with 842 pointsVisitors enjoy cotton candy during the carnival festivitiesVolunteers prepare sandwiches to be served at the end of the CarnivalDisciples perform sandhya aarti and niyams
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