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  Sharad Poornima - Nairobi 2015
Sharad poornima is the last poonam before the end of the Hindu calendar. The Sharad in Sharad Purnima signifies the Sharad ritu of the year.
04 Nov 2015

Hindola Darshan - Nairobi 2015
Hindola falls in the months of Ashadh or Shravan in the Hindu calendar. During this month, devotees swing Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa on a beautifully decorated swing adorned with different themes. The theme is based on the innovation of the disciples.
09 Sep 2015

Gurupoonam Celebrations - Nairobi 2015
SSSSM Nairobi celebrated Gurupoonam on Ashadh Sud 15, Friday the 31st July 2015. Gurupoonam is observed annually to express reverence towards our Guru.
03 Aug 2015

Chaturmas 2015
Chatur meaning 'four' and mas meaning 'months' combined as Chaturmas, is an auspicious period of four months which commences on Ashad Sud Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the first bright half of Ashadh) and concludes on Kartik Sud Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the first bright half of Kartik).
27 Jul 2015

Blood Donation Camp - Nairobi 2015
World Blood Donor Day falls on the 14th of June. To mark this noble cause, devotees of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi all around the world did their bit and donated blood. The blood donation campaigns were held in India, The United Kingdom, The U.S.A and Africa.
18 Jun 2015

Acharya Swamishrees Prem Murti Darshan *updated*
Wonderful glimpses of His divine Holiness Acharya Swamishrees divine Murti during his 26th Vicharan of East Africa as he blesses the devotees abundantly.
09 Feb 2015

Vasant Panchmi 2015
Saturday 24th January 2015 marked the 189th anniversary of Shikshapatri, the gift of Holy Commandments from Lord Swaminarayan.
02 Feb 2015

Nairobi Shakotsav 2015
During His time Lord Shree Swaminarayan held a glorious Shakotsav festival in the village of Loya. From that day, this festival is being celebrated during dhanurmas throughout the world in Swaminarayan temples.
02 Feb 2015

Shree Sadguru Din - Posh Vad
Just as we take care of material things and make sure it is in good condition, the soul needs to be taken care in the means of discipline and virtues.
31 Jan 2015

Educational Awards 2015
Young devotees of Swamibapa Education Centre narrated episodes of Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj and recited the Sandhya Aarti. Later on, outstanding achievers were honored with certificates for performing excellently in the education field and other activities too.
31 Jan 2015

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