Tuesday 3 October 2023 | Bhadarva Vad 5, Samvat 2079

Tue 3 Oct 2023

Smruti Yatra - Nairobi

Saturday, 28th May 2022 marked 80 years since our Beloved Prem Murti Acharya Swamishree Maharaj manifested on this Earth. In honour of this divine auspicious day, on 29 th May 2022, devotees of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Nairobi, organized a trip to Ngong Hills, the site where Ved Ratna Acharya Swamishree Maharaj last visited in 1992 - 30 years ago.

Hundreds of devotees, young and old joined the smruti yatra which took off from the temple soon after Mangla Aarti niyams. Four buses were used to ferry devotees from the temple to the base of the Hills. Others used their private cars. Lunch Prasad was prepared at the temple and taken up the Hills at the base point. A number of devotees hiked up and down the seven hills that make the entire range of Ngong Hills. Others stayed at the base where lots of fun activities were arranged. Devotees were divided into teams to carry out activities that required teamwork, coordination, clear communication and efficiency to emerge victorious from the rest of the teams. 

In between the activities, during short breaks, lots of fruit Prasad was served – water melons, bananas and oranges. Every team emerged victorious as the ultimate aim was to refresh our memories of our beloved Prem Murti Acharya Swamishree and the divine bliss He gave us during His previous visits to the Hills. 

Delicious lunch Prasad was served to all present on the Hills which everyone had while chanting the Divine name of Lord Swaminarayan at each bite. After a fun filled day with refreshed memories of Prem Murti Acharya Swamishree, devotees then returned back to Nairobi.

Smruti Yatra Ngong Hills - 29th May 2022 Nairobi