One cannot attain, perform or achieve anything in their life without love and affection. Reverence, perseverance, or any action or deed performed without affection and passion is as good as not done. It is through love and affection towards the Lord that leads to one attaining religion, intellect, asceticism and reverence.

Shree Nishkulanand Swami on describing the Lord’s Murti says that, the Lord is full of love and affection; such that by a mere glance at the Lord’s Murti one’s heart becomes calm. The unparalleled beauty of the Lord’s Murti charms and attracts even sages. One attains absolute happiness by having a devoted reverence for the Lord.

Humankinds performing or offering services to the Lord without having affection for Him cannot be able to attain a relation with Him. To maintain any relation in life, affection is necessary. To achieve true bliss and happiness, one has to have absolute love and affection for the Lord. It is with love and affection that one can enjoy the bliss and happiness.

Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says that affixing ones mind to the Lord leads to growth of love in their hearts. An egoistic heart can never grow the love and affection. One cannot please the Lord by performing deeds to please him with an ego. That ego will eventually lead a soul to fall of the path of eternal salvation.

One should always keep the Lord’s grace and blessings first in every achievement in life.

An egoistic soul cannot become the Lord’s beloved. Such a soul cannot take the teachings of the Lord positively and this ego may lead to the destruction of such a soul.

Love requires bestowal and such bestowal devotion is dear to the Lord. One should not gain ego on having bestowal devotion.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad 17th November 2019