During bad blood when there is nobody to support is when one is tested. A knight’s bravery is tested during a war and a donor is tested on his generosity. For a disciple to become brave and generous in religion, he has to follow the path shown by Lord Shree Swaminarayan. To be able to become the Lord’s children we have to become virtuous and tolerant.

Those who have advisors above them and by taking their advice positively, gain good virtues.

The Lord says that for one to grow in religion he has to identify himself with the Lord; have intense love for Him and has to maintain stand in religion despite any gain or loss in his dignity whilst taking stand for religion. The Lord is pleased on those who identify themselves with the Lord and maintain a stand for the religion. Disciples who live their life under the assurance of the Lord never get distant from Him and the Lord always takes care of their well-being and safety.

To achieve the Lord’s gratification one has to have an understanding of the Lord’s greatness and have patience in listening to what the other has to say. By doing this one is able to identify himself with the Lord and have intense love for Him. One cannot see any bad virtues if he has an understanding of the Lord’s greatness. While in religion, one should not look at the bad virtues and imperfections of the other disciples. Through humbleness one is able to grow in religion.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad 22nd January 2019