Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says that today’s humans do not know how to attain absolute peace and happiness in their life, they only know how to grief. Therefore, to be able to achieve this state of peace and happiness, one has to adhere to the Lord’s commandments and follow His road to living life and by doing this one gets closer and closer to the Lord. The illusory attachment of the worldly life and bad habits cause a disciple to distant himself from the Lord, and the more distant he gets the more misery he gets himself into. A soul attains the human form only after compiling the meritorious deeds from countless lives.

The duty of life is to brighten one’s soul and through the body one has gotten an opportunity to brighten their life.

Through using of the five sense organs for worldly pleasures, one’s life becomes full of darkness and by diverting them to be used in Godly related activities and pleasures, one’s life is brightened up. It is our duty to walk the path shown by the Lord. By attaining this human body form, one has to be in continuous search for Atyaantik kalyan (eternal salvation).

The benefit of listening to the divine discourses of the Lord, chanting His name and singing hymns, is that one becomes dear to the Lord and is bale to have a realization of the Murti. Humans are so deeply engrossed in the society, worldly pleasures and bad habits that they forget worshiping the Lord and ignore taking actions and working for their salvation.

A disciple who walks the path shown by the Lord is one who is courageous. Through walking this path one is able to have growth in his life.

One attains inner purity through continuous remembrance of the Lord and chanting His name. By doing this one is able to free himself off the three tremendous blazing infernos of mental, physical, and emotional anguish.

For one to attain peace and happiness in his life he has to have an endless remembrance of the Lord, by seeing this the Lord will shower His mercy on him and reform his life in present and future. Through this human form we have to perform divine devotion and cross the ocean of life and death.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad 20th January 2019