One should have a feeling of mine-ness towards the Lord just as he has towards his relatives in this world. Through this one is able to attain the eternal bliss.

The Lord has accepted us as His and given an opportunity to stay at His Divine Lotus feet; so while at His patronage we have to think about how much the Lord means to Us.

Kindness and love are naturally present in all. One has to consider about how much kindness and Love he has for the worldly objects and how much he has for the Lord and His Satpurush, and compare for what he has more kindness and love for.

Knowledge and dispassion/ renunciation from the worldly passions is present in one’s heart if he has kindness and love towards the Lord. Through having this in ones’s heart, the three bodies, three states and three attributes can be separable or differed from consciousness.

A disciple who genuinely understands the Glory of the Lord and His Satpurush through the knowledge (gnaan) gained from the religious sect is able to have affection towards the Lord and His Satpurush. Pure religious sect is simply the Satpurush from the Divine Abode (Akshadham).

One who has self-realization but has devoid himself from the Lord’s worship is classified as a tainted person (Kusangi). Those who associate with such people can never have true affection and kindness for the Lord and His Satpurush. Therefore, we have to associate with a pure religious sect through which one is able to have strong affection for the Lord.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad 13th January 2019