To attain this one has to live his life above all the three qualities and remain merged into the Lord throughout the three stages of his life. The Lord shall place His Murti in the heart of one who remains independent as a soul.

A disciple who acts as per the will of the Lord is the one who can remain independent as a soul. One must perform all his tasks whilst reminiscing the Lord and must keep track of how much of the Lord’s commands he is following, this in turn will increase His remembrance and affection for the Lord.

The Lord manifested upon this earth to merge us in His Divine Murti, hence all must act per His will to attain the Divine Murti.

Shree Muktjeevan Swamibapa says that for one to be happy in life, he should live according to the Lord’s will, see what He shows and act as per His will; and incase of any tough times, one must always have in mind that whatever The Lord is doing is right.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad 12th January 2019