Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says that whilst in religion our main aim should be to please the Lord. One has to pray to the Lord daily to give him the goodwill and strength to be able to continuously have affection for Him. The solution to have such affection for the Lord is to maintain the ethics of His will. This conduct in one’s life will lead him to have only good and pure thoughts. Whilst doing this, one should also examine themselves for the demerits and foibles in them; after examining themselves they should look for ways to destroy those demerits and foibles. One should break apart from the predilection for relatives and have a predilection for the Lord.

By acting as per the Lord’s will, one continues to succeed in controlling his conscience, becomes Purushottam-roop, merged in the Lord’s Murti. He therefore will benefit by attaining eternal salvation.

To attain servitude for the Lord one must let go of the entire craze and as this servitude is achieved, he attains contentment. One who serves the Lord by understanding His greatness will never have a hard time offering his services to Him.

One’s nature and temperament is the cause of babbling about the Lord, despite all this, the Lord never takes this to mind and still forgives his disciples. One’s nature and temperament should never be a reason for falling out of religion; one should always take it as good fortune to be a part of the religion. Whilst in religion one has to develop affection for the Lord and this affection prospers as days pass.

66th Patotsav of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Temple - Nairobi 26th December 2018