In order to instill good cultural values and let a child lead a progressive life their parents should never incline their children towards the wrong direction.

One has to become strongly devoid of lust or at least try to become devoid of lust to be able to progress in life.

The Lord says that if the three aspects: Conviction about the soul (aatma-nishtha); observance of the five vartmans such as celibacy; and sincere understanding of His immense glory, become extremely firm, one is able to completely destroy lust from its roots.

Through the Lord’s grace, a disciple who acts as per His will and has an understanding of His glory is able to become devoid of his sexual impulses and worldly passions. Such a disciple is able to attain His Murti. A disciple who is able to feel penitence of his own mistakes is able to understand the Lord’s glory.

Anyone who has malignant passions about women cannot develop affection for the Lord.

One can have control of his senses through asceticism, religion, penance and disciplines and his mind controlled through the nine types of devotion with an understanding of the glory of the Lord.

One can attain a state of peace without being in a state of trance by having the same intellect just as one has Intellect oriented towards the self for the body and, however difficult a state or drought he is in, he never separates from the Lord. Jeevanpran Bapashree says that one should not waste their salvation on meager happiness.

A foolish soul will end his path to salvation for just momentary happiness.

To achieve absolute contentment, one has to become completely devoid of lust and become a true disciple of the Lord

With the power of the Lord one can attain celibacy. By having discipline one can be able to act as per the Lord’s will.

A disciple can merge in the Murti of the Lord by understanding the glory of the Lord by being without having any pride.