Monday 2 October 2023 | Bhadarva Vad 3/4, Samvat 2079

Mon 2 Oct 2023

Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says that in this world each and everyone is searching for happiness but only the Lord can give true happiness and joy. To attain this happiness one must accept patronage at the Lord’s lotus feet and have to be humble and modest in our life.

The delight of the Murti is attained from routine Dhyaan, discourses of the Lord. One should be necessitous and have the thirst for the joy of the Murti to be able to maintain the happiness. To become necessitous one must understand the paucity in their life and that’s when he is able to also do away with his ego.

We are always momentarily criminals and sinners of the Lord. We should not have fallacious intelligence, because that will destroy our life and will lead us to get distant from the Lord and His Muktas. However much of a knowledgeable or intelligent person one is, they should never show off or use their knowledge in front of the Lord and His Muktas, or question Their doing. By having such an understanding one is able to learn more and honesty spurs in them.

If one has an understanding that wherever the Lord and His Sants are is a pilgrimage, and everything is wherever they reside, such a disciple will be able to at all times, swim in the ocean of happiness and joy. Once one tastes the happiness and nectar of the Lord’s Murti they never have faith in anything else apart from the Lord. The Lord has given us abundant opportunities to please Him; we should therefore take this opportunity and please the Lord, having such an understanding that all that is there is because of his Grace.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad - Mombasa 6th December 2018