Thursday 30 March 2023 | Chaitra Sud 9, Samvat 2079

Thu 30 Mar 2023

The Shikshapatri is full of nectar and is a form of the Lord. By following the commands as per the Shikshapatri one attains the divine contentment in the present as well as in the future.

The human of this day and generation prays to the Lord merely for worldly desires. Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says, to attain eternal salvation, one has to understand and know the will of the Lord, he has to accept the current circumstances he is in and have extreme faith and trust upon the Lord.

The Lord in the Shikshapatri has given us instructions, on how to be content, and says that all must serve their parents, guru and the sick, throughout their lives, in the best manner they can. One should never associate with someone who performs abortions. The Lord commands all His disciples to never commit adultery and He prohibits gambling and the consumption of intoxicants. One should never kill any being.

One should always maintain honesty in their life, never abandon the Lord’s commands and never take the wrong turn in life.

One who takes the Lord’s patronage shall attain eternal salvation. To abandon Maya, one must never forget the Lord. One should never associate with someone who does as he wishes because such a person can easily distance a disciple from the Lord.

Salvation is in forgoing our wishes and acting as per the Lord’s will and devoting ourselves to the Him.

​Vasant Panchmi & Sadbhav Samaroh