On the last day of this year we pray to the Lord to forgive all the previous mistakes and to have a pleasant new year we follow the Lord’s commands so that we become happy in our life. We are blessed to have Lord Shree Swaminarayan who has manifested on earth to fulfill our wishes.

To become a loving devotee one has to examine and forgo his bad habits, enmity, slyness, and jealousy and has to live with peace, love and unity; this is when he can have an actual happy new year and not just wishing as a sham.

One must always have good virtues i.e. patience, forgiveness, honesty, chasteness, never to steal, self-control, wisdom, true knowledge, truthfulness and peacefulness; in order to become the Lord’s real loving devotee. One should not misuse his knowledge while listening to the Lord’s tenets.  The Lord likes a disciple with pure thoughts.

One should not watch any kind of shameless sorcery, drama and movies.

Those who have understood the greatness of Jeevanpran Shree Abjibapa have good exhortation and good thoughts in their life become merged within the Lord’s Murti. The first type of devotion is the affiliation with Sants and the second type is affection for the tenets of the Lord.

Whoever wants to attain eternal salvation in this world has to have an affiliation with the Lord and His Sants and have a platonic devotion towards Him. Illusions come to an end only by understanding the Lord’s greatness. Things like abhorrence, jealousy do not come to such a soul. The Lord resides in the heart of those disciples who remember Him and act as per His will.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj Ashirwad - Nairobi 31st Dec 2017