We have attained a distinctive Satsang that nobody has. Eternal salvation is attained whilst in Karan Satsang only. There are two types of Satsang; Karya Satsang & Karan Satsang; in Karya Satsang balladromic people waft but have no idea of the Karan (reason). Jeevanpran AbjiBapashree says that The Lord and His Satpurush are the only Karans. We are not that capable of knowing the Lord and His Satpurush, it is merely by His Grace that one can know Him.

We have gotten the chance to be in Karan Satsang, we should therefore now change our nature. One does not attain the contentment of Satsang without changing his naturural tendencies. Natural tendencies (prakruti) can only be eradicated once a disciple has implicit faith in the words of the Lord and His Satpurush and has much affection for Him, and despite being humiliated by Him or being told harsh words to them, they remain appreciative of the Lord and His Satpurush.

To get rid of a bad nature one has to take control over his mind and act as per the will of his Guru (Lord and His Satpurush) and have affection, trust and take the Lord and His Satpurush as his well wishers. To have affection for the Lord one has to get rid of the internal enemies and attain religion, knowledge, asceticism, devotion, tolerance and unity, and he should also contemplate his five senses towards the Lord. In order to attain all these one must get rid of jealousy. The root of all faults is jealousy. Jealousy nourishes the worldly desires (vasna) and is the root cause for all immoral behaviors. Jealousy burns all the good virtues.

One must offer his services to the Lord with a good will and not just to show the world. Disciples with intense affection for the Lord and identifies himself with Him, will take care of the acquiescence of the Lord and His Satpurush will be able to attain the Lord’s blessings.

There is nothing as bad as having the evil worldly desires. One who has this will never be able to attain contentment despite being close to the Lord. The toughest task is to get rid of the mind’s desires. One has to examine himself on how much of his senses are being used for the Lord’s service and how much is attracted to worldly desires. To get rid of worldly desires one has to gain the virtues like that of a saint. Any other thoughts other than those of the Lord are considered as worldly desires (vasna), which do not let a soul attain eternal salvation.

To get rid of jealousy, one has to affiliate with the Lord and His Satpurush, understand His glory, and attain good virtues and thoughts.

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj Ashirwad - Nairobi 21st Dec 2017