Thursday 2 December 2021 | Kartik Vad 13, Samvat 2078

Thu 2 Dec 2021

By doing darshan and affiliating with the Sants of the Lord, one’s virtues arise from within his heart and when this happens one experiences peace in his heart.

By doing darshan and affiliating with the Sants of the Lord, one’s virtues arise from within his heart and when this happens one experiences peace in his heart. Without the virtues one can never experience peace in life. Everyone wants to have a peaceful life and the Lord has manifested on Earth to give us His Divine Murti. On this Earth every person who goes to the Lord prays to the Lord for a good health, to have a peaceful and happy life and to always succeed in life.

If one’s intellect is not static and calm, he will never experience happiness, achievement and peace in his life. In order to experience this one is required to become a devotee of the Lord.

One shall never acquire happiness in his life if he remains under the control of his mind. Many people preach that the thought is an ordinary mental procedure. This belief is wrong because once those thoughts have captured our mind, sooner or later; we are going to practice them. That’s why it’s said that ‘you are what you think’. The Lord has commanded us not to consume alcohol, tobacco, meat and any food anywhere, not to be involved in theft or adultery. But if we get the thoughts of doing so, we are surely going to practice. The human knows everything but does not know that the thoughts are dominating. Only the pure and peaceful thoughts i.e. the thoughts of serving the Lord will lead to a pure, peaceful and happy life. Such a life is attained in our religion, by keeping company of The Lord and His Satpurush 

A person's thoughts are mostly related to worldly interests and fame, due to this they tend to fall from the road of justice and ethics, and let their mind take control of them. For such a person to get back on track he has to put a stop to wrong thoughts, take control of the mind and divert the thoughts towards thoughts of the commands the Lord and His Satpurush. 

The mind is known to be a rebel (does as it wants to) and the worldly life is an ocean of sorrows. Therefore, Lord Shree Swaminarayan says that, despite the mind being in state of rajas, if such a disciple reminisces the divine scriptures and katha-varta of the Lord in Satsang at that time, such a person is still able to maintain a continuous remembrance of the Lord's Murti. Bad thoughts can only be gotten rid off by being in religion and obeying the commands of the Lord and His Satpurush. 

When one gets negative thoughts he should there and then try to cut them down immediately. Once the mind is inflicted with fear it gives rise to stress and this in turn leads to destruction of the good/pure thoughts within us. Therefore, whilst performing dhyan (meditation) or devotion we must always pray to God to keep us away from such fear. God is never an enemy to His disciples, He will always do what's best for His disciples, and hence whenever one starts having any ill thoughts they should immediately remember and seek for the Lord. While sitting to perform dhyan or devotion, always have in mind the greatness of the Lord and His Satpurush. 

To attain inner peace, we have to make it a habit to perform dhyan and understand the greatness of the Lord and to do this we have to take control of our antah-karans (senses) and divert them to good deeds and abstain the mind from ill thoughts. We only pray to The Lord to bless us with growing devotion, trust, allegiance, and patience towards Him whilst in satsang. May we gain the courage to gain these virtues.