Thursday 30 March 2023 | Chaitra Sud 9, Samvat 2079

Thu 30 Mar 2023

To become true devotees, Lord Shree Swaminarayan has shown us the right path of religion, knowledge, asceticism and devotion. His only aim is to bless any aspiring soul that takes patronage at His Divine lotus feet and performs pure devotion with an understanding of the true Glory of the Lord. Such a soul does not have to revolve in the cycle of birth and death. The only intension of the Lord to manifest on the Earth is to meet/achieve all the desires of their loving devotees. We have to devote ourselves to the Lord’s Murti and achieve the Divine bliss of the Divine Murti in this birth.

One should never have any argumentation, differences, fallacy and doubts from what Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa gets pleased with, as the pledge of Shree Muktajeevnan Swamibapa is the same as the pledge of Lord Swaminarayan.

To experience the contentment in one’s life he has to conquer the divinity of the Lord and understands His Glory. There is contentment in the lustrous feet of the Lord. One who has got love for the Lord and Shree Swaminarayan Gadi is ensured to attain eternal salvation. One who wants to understand the Lord’s distinctive Holiness (Sarvavtaripanu, sarvaniyantapanu, sarvakartapanu) and wants to gain interest in Lord’s Murti should read the scripture ‘Bapashree ni Vato’. We can only master an act by the support of the Lord. Whatever we have achieved is all because of the Lords’ kindness.

Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa says that one who has understood the greatness of the Lord will never be hurt or face perplexity even if the Lord has insulted him. If there is love, one can get rid of any kind of nature and his soul becomes blessed by the divine vision of the Lord.

If one cannot get rid of pride, he has not affiliated well with the Satpurush. One will be blessed if his soul becomes eligible i.e. by getting rid of his wishes and acting as per the Lord’s commands.The Lord will shower His blessings on us if we take His exhortation positively.

To achieve the Lord’s and His Sants’ blessings and happiness, one must get rid of his faults.

An aspiring soul who wants to attain the Lord’s grace takes the teaching words of the Lord positively whereas a soul that is affiliated with the world and is narrow-minded, takes such words negatively. Only one who understands the Lord’s words of wisdom attains His grace and once that grace is showered upon them, all the faults in that soul are destroyed and will attain the Lord’s Murti.

By believing/ trusting the words of the greatness of the Lord and by taking up servant-hood is the only way one will attain a spot at the divine abode of the Lord.

The Lord will hear a humble person’s prayer and He will be with such a person throughout his activities.

We should aim to be dearest to the Lord, and to become dearest we must give in ourselves with our mind, body and soul to the Lord completely and always act as per His will. We must reminisce the Lord’s Murti continuously. By doing this we get merged in the Lord’s Murti .

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj Ashirwad - Mombasa 29th Nov 2017