Saturday 9 December 2023 | Kartik Vad 12, Samvat 2080

Sat 9 Dec 2023

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj's Ashirwad - 29th Dec 2016

On this auspicious day of the 73rd Shree Sadgurudin Jayanti, Acharya Swamishree mentioned that for one to gain inner peace one has to reminisce about the Lord’s and his Sat-purush’s Lila Charitras. The reason as to why the Lord caresses his disciples, and listens to and accepts our prathnas, is because God wants his disciples to gain affection for Him and his Sants and also for his disciples to cross over to the final desitation (Lord’s murti), with which their inclination towards the Lord increases and gets affixed. Meditation (Dhyaan) is the key to attaining the true divine love of the Lord. To achieve real pleasure in the Lord, disciples must perform Darshan of the Lord with the understanding of his Divine nature and must not act/behave as per the will of his mind, instead should follow and act as per the Lord’s commands at all times.
Acharya Swamishree explained to us that, the Lord becomes pleased if a person performs devotion to Him without any kind of jealousy, for the sole purpose of attaining his own salvation. Whilst performing devotion, if some fault is committed, that fault should be attributed to oneself; attributing the faults to the Indriyas and Antah-karans is the foolishness of the soul. Faults should be attributed to soul as well and not the mind alone. If one understands this, evil associations cannot affect a person and he can worship God without any hindrance.
Developing the sense of equivalence between good and bad sensations while maintaining chasteness is not attained in one day; becoming free from infatuation is not a process that can be achieved quickly. Whoever maintains a slow and steady perseverance attains it.

Finally Acharya Swamishree mentioned that we have to stay under the shelter if Shree Swaminarayan Gadi at all times and for us to stay we have to become the Lord’s servants, discover and eradicate our faults and abide by the Lord’s commands.