On 12th January 2010, students of Swamibapa Education Centre performed a short play entitled “Traan Putdiyo no Sidhhant”. The programme commenced with a prayer “Maat Tame Chho Prabhuji Amara” sung by the young devotees. This was another outstanding performance by our young talented students. The aim of the play was to make the audience understand the “adhyatmik” meaning of the famous example of “Traan putdiyo” quoted in Shree Abji Bapashree Ni Vato.

On this occasion, Swamibapa Education Centre recognized the efforts of students who excelled in their studies, Sanskar Deepika exams and extracurricular activities by awarding them with certificates of appreciation. Pankaj Harishchandra Hirani scored 14A’s (8 A*) and 2B’s in ‘O’ Level exams and was ranked top in the world. In Commerce, he scored the highest marks in the world.

Members of Swamibapa Sports Committee also took this opportunity to award trophies to cricket players who had an outstanding performance in the just concluded 2009 NPCA cricket league.