Thursday 7 December 2023 | Kartik Vad 10, Samvat 2080

Thu 7 Dec 2023

On 17th January 2010, santo and devotees performed a spectacular religious drama in H H Swamibapa Hall. The programme started with a prayer and prathna nrutya. Devotees performed a classical Indian dance on the words of 'Swamibapa oh! mere, mene pooja he tujeh harghadi'.

The drama started with Karsan bhua and his companions taking the stage and entertaining hundreds of spectators who had gathered to watch this drama. The theme of the drama was the benefits attained by staying in close association with the santo. There are ups and downs in one’s life, but even during difficult times one should not lose faith in Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa.

It’s a village scene where the ailing villagers seek the help of Karsan bhua who takes full advantage of their ignorance and loots their wealth for his well being. The villagers face difficult times as their wealth keeps on diminishing while the problems keep on escalating. Swamibapa’s santo come to the village where Karsan bhua and his companions are looting the ignorant villagers whose problems keep on increasing instead of reducing.Through the preaching of Swamibapa’s santo,the villagers are enlightened and accept the Swaminarayan faith and chase Karsan bhua out of the village.

Young devotees performed nrutya on the words of ‘Nana nana baa ameto nadi kinare gyata’ and “Mohan re… Mohi tare latke’. At the end of the drama, a live Bhakti Kirtan programme was performed by members of Swamibapa Sangeet Academy.