Hindola Darshan

From Ashadh Vad 2, 2069 to Shravan Vad 2, 2069 Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa will be seated upon magnificent hindolas. Hindola means a swing. The Lord is seated on the swing and devotees derive great bliss by cradling Him on the swing. One must appreciate God’s greatness and should create such a swing in the garden of glory in his soul. Only then can he tie a swing, a swing of love in his heart, so that he can gently rock The Lord upon this swing forever. To this swing he must tie a string, a string of affection, with which he can lovingly cradle The Lord. Devotees in Nairobi are busy during the month of Ashadh decorating the hindolas with a variety of items such as flowers, beads, crisps, chocolates, sweets etc. Please click on the images for hindola darshan.