Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Complex

Final phase of construction at Swamibapa Complex

Post the Grand Opening in August 2014 the construction activities will continue to convert back the temporary facilities, close out the activities related to the Mandir and Purshottam Mahal (Multi function hall) and plan for the final phase of the work related to Abjibapa House (Office block). The following monthly timeline captures the key activities, scheduled finish date is the 3rd week in March 2015.

All users of Swamibapa Complex should take special care and attention of the on going work and respect the restricted areas of access and notices to ensure we maintain the highest standards of safety especially since the Complex will start being used by more people over the coming months.

Any concerns on safety or general questions related to the construction works should be taken up with the Building Committee representatives. Contact details are provided on the site notice boards or reported to the reception desk at the main entrance of the Mandir.

September 2014
• Site clearance post Grand Opening festivities
• Revert back information on emergency escape routes, fire extinguisher points, first aid points
• Complete signage for all public areas

October 2014
• Complete works on Mandir roof and retest
• Complete multifunction hall café area roof
• Complete car parking tarmac and landscaping
• Mark out car parking zones and disabled bays

November 2014
• Prepare material for O&M manual
• Work through snagging list

December 2014
• Review winter mode operation of BMS for Complex
• Make ready office block for construction works
• Work through snagging list

January 2015
• Review operations of car parking and building usage
• Complete follow up actions following BMS operation review
• Plan office block layout and integration with site BMS
• Install cycle stands

February 2015
• Install final floor finish in multi purpose rooms
• Mobilise site based contractors to commence work
• Finalise detailed design for electrics, data networks, telephony and security
• Commence work to upgrade heating and ventilation systems in office block

March 2015
• Complete partitioning and install sound insulation in offices
• Commission new systems and certify
• Prepare O&M manuals