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Sanjay G. Patel, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad - 31st March 2006

Jay Swaminarayan…. The new web site is very impressive and wonder. Its a great web site and wonder for our satsang, The links and layout are also a lot better in that options for sorting dates etc are available Look forward to visitng the site on a regular basis to keep up todate with the activities of the temple. It has a lot more content and it much easier to navigate that before. Wish you all the best and would like to congratulate entire working on those website team, Credit to all those who contributed to it for such a wonderful site. Jay Shri Swaminarayan ……we like more than others websites of other satsang

Sandeep Patel, USA - 27th March 2006

Jay swaminarayan to swamibapa, saints and all devotees! This website has to be the best because it is desined under divine blessing of suprime lord swaminarayanbapa,swamibapa and swamishree!its all blessing of jivanpran swamibapa.its a really very good website.i would like to pray swamibapa that "saday rehjo bheda,pragat pragat pyaara." jay swaminarayan!

bauhaus, Houston, USA - 19th March 2006

Very good site, congratulations!

hema joshi/kaushik, houston - 14th March 2006

Jay Swaminarayan. Happy phooldolotsav samaiyo. Keep us in your sharan swamibapa.

Joseph Palmer, Golders Green, London - 6th March 2006

I visited your temple when the Chief Swami was in London and was delighted to hear about the social and charitable activities of the organisation and the humanitarian work of the Chief Swami. I have learnt a lot more by visiting this website. I am really glad I have become acquainted with you. Best wishes for the future. May God bless you all.

shailesh vyas, rajkot. india - 5th March 2006

dear swamiji, congerts for creating one of the finest spritual web sites . it is indeed a matter of proud and happiness to visit this web site. the photos in sepia and other colours are looks like real one as the swaminarayan bapa and swami bapa with swamiji will just spk out.the links is so fats. audio and vedio both sections are of high quyality and sweet to hear and nice to see.i may like to humbly suggets to put other important links of indian spritual orgs. and government of india and government of gujarat so that otehr tehn satstangis who visits web site may get idea. weather link of u.k. and india may also added. keep it up. jay swaminarayan.

Shreyas Patel, Tehran,Iran - 4th March 2006

jay shree swaminarayan,web site is so in tehran but when i visit this site,i feel im at my home.i suggest to create one gellery of SMURTI MANDIR.jay swaminarayan....

Hareshkumar Jayantilal patel, Ahmedabad, India - 4th March 2006

Apani "Swaminarayan Gadi" ni "website" uppar "Daily Sangar" na je darshan thay chhe te swaminarayan bhagwan ni murti ne amara computer desktop uppar Daily muki saki te mate web site ma option mukva vinanti chhe. - "Jay Swaminarayan" Best regards: HaresH Patel

Ravi Vekaria, London - 2nd March 2006

The live link of Maninagar Patotsav was out of this world. Last year I was there for this great event and to do darshan we had to stand in a moving queue. In the hustle and bustle we could just about see. BUT today our family had the front seat all the way through. We were watching on our 42” TV and it was fantastic. The only thing that was missing was Prasad, which was sprayed on me last year, but then you can’t have it all. When I went to sleep, all I dreamt about was Ghanshyam Maharaj in His divine sinhansan and Bapa. How cool is that!!!!! So thank you to everyone who helped in making this a wonderful experience.

dhara patel, u.s.a - 26th February 2006

this very cool site.... i suggest you to please look forward on this site for more activities and fun games etc..

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