This year, Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Bolton has pledged continuous support for Bolton Hospice to raise significant funds and increase awareness of their expert care and support for the local community facing terminal or life limiting illnesses. Bolton Hospice is very much close to our hearts and the Mandir has actively been involved in raising money for this charity.

Manchester’s 10K run saw a group of 30 determined individual’s amongst 25,000 runners, lace up their running shoes and take on the 10K challenge.  The challenge called on the participants’ physical endurance and stamina, as well as mental agility. 

The route started off on Portland Street and continued towards Old Trafford before heading back towards Deansgate. The runners were spurred on by the buzz of local supporters lining the streets as they made their way through Manchester’s town centre. All the eager runners eventually returned having conquered some personal goals and achievements, tired and weary but feeling exhilarated with the thought of reaching their personal milestones.

Through this event alone, 30 participants have raised almost £7000 for the worthy cause. From this, we hope to highlight and support Bolton Hospice’s crucial work in serving the local community.