Swaminarayan Jayanti Pragatya Chhathi

The supreme Purna Purshottam Lord Shree Swaminarayan manifested in the town of Chhapaiya assuming the guise of an adorable baby at the home of father Dharmadev and mother Bhaktimata. The arrival of the all-powerful Lord was April 2nd 1791 CE. 

Thursday 30th March 2023 was a day of great significance for a disciple of the Swaminarayan Sampraday and the congregation came together to honour this. The divine murti of Lord Shree Swaminarayan presided upon an elegantly decorated cradle before the present disciples, whom commenced an hour-long dhoon. Various kirtans accompanied by musical instruments echoed as the congregation rejoiced and performed dhoon. 

Disciples then performed Pragatya Aarti before listening to Divine Ashirwad. The traditional Prasad distributed on this auspicious day is Panchajiri, made from ground coriander seeds, dill seeds, jaggery, coconut and fennel seeds bonded with ghee. On this day, many devotees observe upvas or only consume farari foods as they eagerly await the Lord’s impending arrival. 

The youth began to honour the Lord’s pragatya din the weekend before, with an exciting day of fun and games to embed the significance of the day to all under 16s.

Six days later, Tuesday 4th April was the sixth day of the Lord’s manifestation, referred to as Pragatya Chhathi. Whilst Lord Swaminarayan was tenderly rocked in His cradle, disciples staged an utsav and sang traditional kirtans narrating episodes about His infant years.