On 3rd January 2010, Bolton Swaminarayan Mandir and Arts Centre held their Shibir/Sports Day.

On a crisp and frosty morning over 100 participants arrived clad in the colours of their team. Eager to learn what was in store for them over the duration of the day. Along side the competitors there were almost 50 volunteers/helpers.

The day started off with praying to Lord Swaminarayan Bapa wishing each team the best of luck. A variety of physical activities aimed at all ages and a portfolio of puzzles and questions which kept the teams occupied for the whole day.

The teams were pretty much neck a neck until the scores from the quizzes were added to give the final scores. This years victors were Acharya Swamishree (the green team).

Congratulations to Team Acharya Swamishree.