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Vachanamrut (Audiobook)

  • Published: Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Maninagar on 04 May 2017


The Vachanamrut contains the sublime philosophy of supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan. All His discourses from 1819 to 1829 CE have been collated by His five most prominent scholarly Sants in this superlative scripture. It contains the precise word of the Lord, just as He spoke them. This edition is augmented with the Rahasyarth Pradeepika Tika - the commentary that elucidates the true connotations of the Vachanamrut, prepared by Jeevanpran Shree Abji Bapashree.

Gadhada First Section
Vachanamrut 26
Shreejimaharaj states that one's prudence of the sthool body during the wakeful state  comprises of only having affection for sensations that are associated with Him and having repulsion for those sensations associated with the world. Whilst in a dreamful state, not being attracted to any other sensory object except for His form, i.e. the Murti, is the prudence of the sookshma body and a dreamful state. Inhibiting the five senses from the karan body; only contemplating on the Murti of God; and whilst contemplating in that way, forgetting one's own body, etc., is the prudence of the karan body during the state of deep sleep (sushupti). The state of complete engrossment is when the soul becomes detached from Maya and beyond its attributes (nirgun); whilst visualising the Murti of God within himself, lustre emerges. Amid the lustre, the Murti is seen. This is the prudence (vivek) of the soul. The thought of a disciple, which does not allow any sensation to raise a hindrance in his affection for God, is powerful.