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Sat 30 Sep 2023

Vachanamrut (Audiobook)


Abji Bapashree's Life-story (Jeevan-Charitra)


Gadhada First Section





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Gadhada Last Section

Vachanamrut (Audiobook)

  • Published: Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Maninagar on 04 May 2017


The Vachanamrut contains the sublime philosophy of supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan. All His discourses from 1819 to 1829 CE have been collated by His five most prominent scholarly Sants in this superlative scripture. It contains the precise word of the Lord, just as He spoke them. This edition is augmented with the Rahasyarth Pradeepika Tika - the commentary that elucidates the true connotations of the Vachanamrut, prepared by Jeevanpran Shree Abji Bapashree.

Gadhada First Section
Vachanamrut 51
Shreejimaharaj states that from the element earth to Mul-akshar, etc., He is the creator and cause of all. Through His omniscient power, He pervades through them all. He is superior to all, including Mul-akshar, etc. For the salvation of souls, He bestows His pratyaksh darshan to everyone. At this time, the indriyas and antah-karans of whoever understands the Lord’s glory by associating with His muktas become of the same form as Him. Then, the Lord’s darshan and a determination for Him are possible. The hierarchy may not always be explicated, but it should be understood that the mergence and creation always occurs in accordance with the actual hierarchy. The greatness of God can be understood through an association with both God and His sants.