Wednesday 19 September 2018 | Bhadarva Sud 10, Samvat 2074

Wed 19 Sep 2018

Jago Jagjeevan Vhala


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Jago Jagjeevan Vhala

  • Recordings: Rainbow Digital Studio, Sanu Sagar, Arup Dev
  • Composers: Triveni Nadyogi, Pandit Anupam Rai
  • Language: Gujarati
  • Published: Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Maninagar on 01 Jan 2002


This CD comprises entirely of prabhaatya kirtans, devotional prayers sung in the early hours of the day. The Brahm Mooharat (time around sunrise) is best for worship. For the Lord to accept our prayers, we must first become as pure as Him. This purity refers to our mind, body and soul. By listening to these prabhaatya kirtans during this time, any illusions of worldly issues will be banished and we can endeavour to become as pure as the Lord.

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