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Fri 17 Sep 2021

The ongoing biography of Lord Shree Swaminarayan from the July 2005 edition of Shree Ghanshyam Vijay.

Ongoing biography of Lord Shree Swaminarayan from the July 2005 edition of Shree Ghanshyam Vijay

By Sadguru Shashtri Shree Sarveshwardasji Swami

Mamaiya Patgar Keeps Hold of the Lord

The supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan spent the days of Spring in Kundal to gave all the people of the village the opportunity of living close by Him. Accepting the loving devotion of Raibai, He ate rich foods made with butter and sugar.

One day, Shree Hari went to the river with Mamaiya Patgar. Besides the road that leads to Rozid, to the east of where the road branches, there is a very deep crevasse that faces a river. Shree Hari and Mamaiya Patgar went to the top of the crevasse and changed into their swimming clothing. Shree Hari decided to test the love of Mamaiya. Shree Hari said, “Shall we both jump into the river from here?” Mamaiya replied, “No Maharaj! We cannot jump from here. The water is very deep here. It is very dangerous to dive from here. Whoever jumps in from here will surely die. I cannot dive from here.” Shree Hari said, “Mamaiya, I want to dive into the water from here. If you are afraid and do not want to, that is up to you. If I dive from here and die, it is not a problem. I will go to the divine abode. The soul is immortal. It will never die. It is invincible.” Shree Hari’s response worried Mamaiya Patgar. He started crying and prayed, “My dear Lord! You are the life and soul of the entire Satsang. Just as a fish cannot remain without water, we cannot live without You. Have mercy and do not carry out Your wish to dive from here.” Shree Hari started to show human characteristics and became obstinate. He cried, “I do not care what happens to Me. I am jumping in.” Shree Hari prepared to dive into the deep gorge but Mamaiya Patgar grabbed hold of Him. He held Shree Hari firmly in his arms and did not let Him jump. This is the same Lord who wrestled with the muscular Alaiyakhachar and threw him into the air with merely a flinch. In this instance, the love of the disciple was sincere. The Lord could not disregard his true devotion. Shree Hari realised that if He dived in, Mamaiya Patgar would also jump in. He therefore decided against it. Shree Hari said, “Mamaiya! Your love is sincere. In the same way as you grabbed Me and did not let Me free, I will keep hold of you and take you to the divine abode. I have been forced to abide by your wishes because of your immense love.” Mamaiya prayed, “Lord! Do not test anyone like this in future.” Shree Hari and Mamaiya then went down to the edge of the river and bathed. They then returned to Moka Patgar’s royal court.

Animals are given Filtered Water to Drink

Shree Hari commanded His disciples to use water, ghee, oil, milk, etc., only after it has been filtered through fine cloth. In accordance with the Lord’s commands, His faithful disciples used to filter all liquids before consuming them. There were some obedient disciples who were so strict that they even tied cloth over the mouths of their animals, so that the water drunk by them would be filtered. The cloth would be untied when it was time to feed. Once, Ram Patgar was taking his buffalo to the river. Shree Hari saw the cloth tied over the buffalo’s mouth and questioned, “Ram! What have you tied around your buffalo’s mouth?” Ram Patgar replied, “Maharaj! You have commanded us to filter water before drinking. In order that these poor animals do not disobey Your command and can easily drink filtered water, we tie a cloth over their mouths.” The innocent faithfulness of His disciples made Shree Hari laugh and He said, “Ram! The rules for humans and animals are different. They do not need filtered drinking water. You may untie the cloth.” Ram Patgar asked, “If animals disobey Your command, how will they attain salvation?” Shree Hari patted Ram Patgar on his back and said, “I will ensure that the animals that live in the homes of My disciples such as you, attain salvation.” Ram Patgar became pleased to hear these words and immediately untied the cloth from his buffalo’s mouth.

The Absolute Salvation of Amra Patgar

Whilst Shree Hari was giving darshan in Kundal, Amra Patgar became seriously ill. The pain of his illness was excruciating. Shree Hari asked, “Amra! What is your wish? Do you want to remain here or go to the divine abode?” Amra Patgar was a true disciple. He had no affection for this world. He prayed, “Maharaj! This physical body is useless. There is no purpose to remain in this world. Have mercy and merge me into Your Murti. Immerse me into Your bliss, in the same way that Anadi-muktas remain within Your Murti and enjoy Your divine ecstasy.” Seeing the true dispassion from all worldly issues of this disciple, Shree Hari became extremely pleased. He stroked Amra’s hand and said, “Now you have become immortal.” After a few moments, Amra Patgar’s soul left his physical body. He had been liberated to the divine abode.