Monday 20 September 2021 | Bhadarva Sud 15, Samvat 2077

Mon 20 Sep 2021

Acharya Swamishree opens a kindergarten building in Maninagar.


Our Gurudev, Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa was a pioneer for the entire Swaminarayan Sampraday in many different respects. In particular, He placed a great emphasis on education. Jeevanpran Swamibapa established centres of education for all ages; kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and colleges. After Jeevanpran Swamibapa founded these, many of the other sectors of the Swaminarayan Sampraday followed. However, the fact remains that it was Jeevanpran Swamibapa who took these first revolutionary steps in providing education for the masses.

Just over 35 years ago, a kindergarten was started in Maninagar, on the ground floor of Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Auditorium. The premises of this very popular kindergarten were becoming too small to accommodate the number of children who were enjoying its facilities. His Divine Holiness Acharya Swamishree mercifully allowed a new building to be built besides Shree Swaminarayan Tower.

On 28th September 2004, Acharya Swamishree officially opened the new kindergarten building. After cutting a ribbon and lighting a flame to inaugurate the building, Acharya Swamishree went to all the class rooms and offices, and sprinkled prasadi water everywhere.

A special assembly was then held in the kindergarten grounds. The entire assembly was conducted by the very young children of the kindergarten, with the help of their teachers. They first sang the prarthna, ‘Shreeji Chho Kruparu’ and welcomed Acharya Swamishree to their new kindergarten. Some children then performed a welcoming dance followed by a dance in praise of Mother India. The young girls of the kindergarten were also given the opportunity to please the Lord by performing a dance.

Acharya Swamishree became extremely pleased with their efforts to please the almighty Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa and distributed prasad to all the young boys and teachers. In His divine blessings, Acharya Swamishree commended the teachers for performing such a vital role for the education and advancement of our future generations. He granted blessings to them all, so that they receive the divine strength of the merciful Lord, so that they continue their valuable work for society.