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Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Los Angeles, is the primary temple of Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan on the West Coast of the United States. The temple graces moksh-seeking individuals with a peaceful and charming atmosphere to worship and please the ever-present Lord Shree Swaminarayan, Jeevanpran Shree Abji Bapashree, and Jeevanpran Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa.

The temple is run by a registered non-profit organization - Shree Swaminarayan Siddhant Sajivan Mandal, West-Coast, under the guidance and blessings of His Divine Holiness Acharya Shree Swaminarayan, who is the sovereign of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi, the divine abode of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, established on this earth by Gurudev Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Himself. By following in the footsteps of Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa and by giving His endless effort and love to spread the eternal philosophy and teachings of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, Acharya Swamishree has ensured the followers of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan will have strong moral values and devotion towards Lord Shree Swaminarayan even while residing in the United States of America.