Sunday 24 September 2023 | Bhadarva Sud 9, Samvat 2079

Sun 24 Sep 2023

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23 July 2020

Hindu Council of Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya

23 July 2020

Cr Dan Bull - Bayswater, Australia

23 July 2020

R.R.Varsani- Ex. I.A.S. - Ahmedabad, India

23 July 2020

Navlekar Dental and Implant Center - Ahmedabad, India

23 July 2020

Bharat Sadhu Samaj - New Delhi, India

22 July 2020

Abhijit Ghoshal - Mumbai, India

22 July 2020

Sonali Bajpai - Mumbai, India

22 July 2020

Kahini Navin Kerai - London, United Kingdom

Our beloved Bapa you have taught me so many things in the last few years.  You have taught me the importance of education especially learning Gujarati. You have always said it is important to learn how to speak, read and write Gujarati because we need to understand what is being said in katha and be able to read and understand Bapas books. I promise I will continue to learn Gujarati.

You have taught me the importance of dancing and singing to Bapa. I really enjoyed doing my dance in the Bhakti Vidhiya awards last summer. At first, I felt nervous but when I saw you Bapa, I felt excited and happy. I promise I will always continue to take part in dancing and singing performances in mandir because I know it will make you happy.

Our beloved Bapa, another precious memory is when you came to our house.  The day before you came to my house I could not get to sleep as I was so excited.  Then it was finally the big day and you arrived. You gave me lots of smiles and lots of prasadi. I will never forget these beautiful memories you have given me. 

I will continue to live my life to make you happy.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

Kahini Navin Kerai 

22 July 2020

Diyani Kerai - London, United Kingdom

Our Beloved Bapa

Our beloved Bapa you have taught us many things,
Unity, staying together and working together,
Respecting what I have and everything around me,

Being happy and keeping strong,
Educating me about the Swaminarayan Satsang,
Love and respect for everyone regardless of caste, creed or colour,
Our beloved Bapa you have given us lots of things,
Vivid, precious memories I will cherish forever in my heart,
Extraordinary mandirs across the globe,
Dancing and singing opportunities to please Bapa,

Beams of light with every smile,
An abundance of strength,
Prasadi, sweet, sweet ladoos I’ll always remember,
And for all of this I am forever grateful.

Diyani Navin Kerai

22 July 2020

Office of the Deputy President - Republic of Kenya, Kenya