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13 August 2020

Nima Kulkarni - Kentucky, United States

13 August 2020

Sajni & Aditi Devraj Sanghani - Nairobi, Kenya

Swamishree Bapa

The reason behind all the good in our life. Weve received more than we could have ever imagined or asked for.

Thank you so much for all your leelas bapa and we are so lucky and blessed to have known you dear father. Youre so vivid in our memories and will remain forever. Bapa, your grace and presence is still felt.

Swaminarayan Gadi & our Karan Satsang will always be our home, our refuge.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

Sajni & Aditi Sanghani 

14 August 2020

Pam Khimani - London, United Kingdom

My Prem ni Murti, 

J Shree Swaminarayan my beloved Bapa.

You have always been there for my family and I and you have left many memories for us to remember and treasure.

You taught me that there is nothing wrong in apologising and being humble even though one is not at fault.  I have tried to live by this teaching and found it to be true and quite calming.   

You showered so much love to your children that do Mandir seva - no matter how big or small the seva might be, your love in return was the same, from simple cleaning duties, making vagas for Bhagwan to being involved with the build our eco-friendly Mandir, in your eyes, we are all your children and, no seva was more important than the other.   

Bapa you might not be here in human form, but my devotion will not falter.

You gave me 40 years of your love and I will miss many things about you and things I took for granted to over the years.  I am thoroughly grateful Bapa for making me who I am today.   

I pray to Swaminarayan Bapa, Swami Bapa that my family and I continue to live and thrive in our Swaminarayan Karan Satsang.    I hope to continue to make you proud you have taught me well

Thank you for everything, my family and I will cherish your blessings, love and guidance.

J Shree Swaminarayan,

Your daughter Pam

14 August 2020

Shyam & Erish Nalin Jesani - Bolton, United Kingdom

14 August 2020

Tiana Varsani - Bolton, United Kingdom

15 August 2020

Ashish Mahendra Gajparia - Nairobi, Kenya

Our Beloved Bapa,

No words are enough to describe the amount of blessimgs.  joy, peace and happiness You have given us. Just a glimpse of Your Divine Darshan recharges our minds immediately and brings happiness for the whole day. Through Your Divine Grace You have allowed me to please You through various activities such as singing, dancing, band and have also had to pleasure to do whatever seva You have given me. With Your blessings may I still continue to do Your seva always with a true heart, loyalty and determination towards You Bapa. You reside forever in our hearts Bapa. 

Jay Shree Swaminarayan.



17 August 2020

Mark R. Warner - Virginia, United States

18 August 2020

Sangita Vekariya - Bhuj, India

18 August 2020

Jitu Dabasia - London, United Kingdom


                                                              Shreeji Bapa Swami Bapa

Purna Purshottam Lord Swaminarayan is saying to all!

Believe in Me I am always looking after you.  I will turn around every bad situation in your life. I will bless you and your family and I will heal what needs to be healed.

The above statement holds true in all our life experiences. Swaminarayan Bapa Swamibapa works  via our Param Pujya Acharya Swamijee Maharaj  and carries out divine tasks

Event that remains vividly in my mind is how peacefully Swaminarayan Bapa Swamibapa gave Murti Sukh to my father.

 When our father was hospitalised, my brother Lalit rung Acharya Swamishree Maharaj, who advised that Bapa will now take our Bapuji within his Murti in a short period of time.

Our fathers medical condition started worsening during his stay at Barnet Hospital.

On the evening of Saturday February 6th 2010 , Our father was given residence in Swaminarayan Bapas Murti, as promised by Acharya Swamishree Maharaj.. There were thirty members of our parivar, Sons, Daughters, Sons and Daughters in law and all Grandchildren present at the bedside at the time his soul left mother earth and all the parivar were chanting the Swaminarayan Mantra. Bapuji also chanted the mantra Swaminarayan Bapa Swami Bapa with the family members until his final breath 

Our family is grateful to Acharya Swamishree Maharaj for relaying our prathna to Swaminarayan Bapa Swamibapa.


Khimji and Jitu Dabasia

19 August 2020

Jay Patel - LA, United States

Dear Bapa,

Jay Swaminarayan,

Thank you Bapa for always giving me love and a special attention. As a child I lived in Maninagar, and I remember you used to give me candies on  daily basis when I came for Darshan.

I appreciate you for always asking how I am doing and if I needed anything then dont afraid to ask. I cant thank you enough for your unconditional care and love for me. I will cherish your love and blessings forever, and I will miss your divine smile.