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22 July 2020

Abhijit Ghoshal - Mumbai, India

22 July 2020

Kanjibhai Valji, Radhabai Kanji, Ashis, Alpa, Prudip, Sonal, Sanjay, Sumita, Bindi, Diya, Millie, Jay & Pratyaksh - Bolton, United Kingdom

Our Pyaara Bapa,

You are and will always remain in our hearts, you are our father who guided us to the right paths and always fulfilled our wishes. Thank you for the divine darshans which you gave and the beacon of light which shined through the paths of our life. You have left us with lots of memories that we will cherish for the rest of our life. We will always think of you before taking any step in life, always remember the questions you used to ask before we took any big decisions and will miss the reassurance you gave us. Although sometimes our minds would tell us otherwise your opinion was our final decision.

When it rained you were there with your umbrella, when it was cold you were there with your love and when there was a storm you were there to shield us in your arms.

“Bapa hame tere, charno mein rehne hai,
tham ke ungli, tere saath chalna hai,
Pooja ka meri, vardhaan hai tu, meri liye tu...bhagvaan hai tu,
har mandir har murat mein, bas tera roop samaiya hai…”

You held all our hands in the good times, You held all our hands tighter in the bad times. You made our tears shed in all our hearts, You made smiles exist on all our faces. You made all our hearts beat, You made us all who we are today. You made our dreams come true, We will never ever forget you. Even when you were exhausted and the doctors told you to rest and relax, you still went out of your way to make the impossible possible for us. The full world sheds tears knowing you will be greatly missed. Our beloved Gurudev Swamibapa is reunited with his "ladko dikro."  

“Vhala Vhala Swamishree, Pyaara Pyaara Swamishree,
Mara Swamibapa E Didha Che…”

The kids will never forget when they sang their first Kirtan/dhoon to you and you clapped as they sang

Jay Ghanshyam... Jay Ghanshyam.... Swaminarayan Gadi... Jay Ghanshyam” and “Shreeji cho krupalu, Bapa cho dayalu.. krupa /kari apo sharanu thamru…” 

Your smile was one in a billion and we would do anything to see a glimpse of that smile. We know your still here and are always watching us ever step we make, every breath we take, you will ALWAYS be there to guide us. Your teachings are unforgettable. “A bhakta of Bhagvãn should realise that the svarup of Bhagvãn, along with His Akshardhãm, is present on this earth, and he should also explain this fact to others.” Vachanamrut Gadhada Pratham 71

We could never justify the labhs and darshans you showered upon us. We will not forget how you used to instruct us and not ask us, it made us all feel wanted and loved. How can we forget things you said and taught us in our life. You gave us all sorts of labh with parayans, programs and padramis worldwide. You also gave us labh with your own personal seva, which we can never forget. We are servants for Swaminarayan Gadi and we pray to Lord Swaminarayan Bapa, Abjibapa and Swamibapa that with unity and love we will serve you forever. Remaining your humble servants we will never forget this goal. Swaminarayan Gadi will always be our true home, every service you assigned we will devotedly fulfil. Please shower your mercy and darshan on us forever Bapa. We love you xxx

22 July 2020

Sonali Bajpai - Mumbai, India

22 July 2020

Dhara jignesh dudhrejiya - Ahmedabad, India

જાય શ્રી સ્વામીનારાયણ 

વ્હલા બાપા  તમારી  વસમી  વિદાય  ને  શબ્દો  માં  વર્ણવી શકાય તેમ નથી અમે સહુ જાણીયે છીએ કે ભગવાન ક્યારે જતા કે આવતા નથી ભગવાન સદાય પ્રગટ અને પ્રત્યક્ષ  છે પરંતુ તમારા મનુષ્ય રૂપે દર્શન નો જે અનમોલ લાભ મળતો હતો તે દર્શન તે વ્હાલ હવે નહીં મળે એ વિચાર થી જ આંખ માથી આસું નીકળી જાય છે બાપા તમને એ જ પ્રાર્થના કે આજીવન તમને ગમતા પ્રમાણે જ વર્તીએ તમે જે પ્રેમ આપ્યો છે એને ક્યારે ભુલિયે  નહી અને આ જીવન સ્વામિનારાયણ ગાદી ના શરણે રહી ને તમને રાજી કરતા રહીયે

"સુણતા બાપા ની વસમી વાત વિદાય ની

સત્સંગીયો થી કેમ ની લીધી વિદાય

જળ વિના માછલી તરફડતી જાય

ચાતક નો વર્ષા વિના સ્વર રૂંધાય

બાપા વિયોગે હવે કેમ રહેવાય

સત્સંગીયો થી કેમ ની લીધી વિદાય "

22 July 2020

Dhananjay Hirani - Nairobi, Kenya


Jay shree swaminarayan BAPA. Thank you for showing the right path in the life.There are no words to describe you bapa. You have given me so many guidance in my life . 

Your teachings and blessings will help me and my family. I remember once you came to Nairobi, we performed a dance in front of you and the way you were smiling at us. We love you BAPA❤️. 


22 July 2020

Kahini Navin Kerai - London, United Kingdom

Our beloved Bapa you have taught me so many things in the last few years.  You have taught me the importance of education especially learning Gujarati. You have always said it is important to learn how to speak, read and write Gujarati because we need to understand what is being said in katha and be able to read and understand Bapas books. I promise I will continue to learn Gujarati.

You have taught me the importance of dancing and singing to Bapa. I really enjoyed doing my dance in the Bhakti Vidhiya awards last summer. At first, I felt nervous but when I saw you Bapa, I felt excited and happy. I promise I will always continue to take part in dancing and singing performances in mandir because I know it will make you happy.

Our beloved Bapa, another precious memory is when you came to our house.  The day before you came to my house I could not get to sleep as I was so excited.  Then it was finally the big day and you arrived. You gave me lots of smiles and lots of prasadi. I will never forget these beautiful memories you have given me. 

I will continue to live my life to make you happy.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

Kahini Navin Kerai 

22 July 2020

Nanji K Patel - London, United Kingdom

Our dearest and merciful bapa. I have so many wonderful and joyous memories of you such as having travelled with you all over USA and Europe and lastly Far East and Hawaii. You kept your eyes on me at all time and allowed me to serve you with dedication and selflessness as best as I could. This your child will for ever grateful for all you dis for me and my whole family. 

22 July 2020

Diyani Kerai - London, United Kingdom

Our Beloved Bapa

Our beloved Bapa you have taught us many things,
Unity, staying together and working together,
Respecting what I have and everything around me,

Being happy and keeping strong,
Educating me about the Swaminarayan Satsang,
Love and respect for everyone regardless of caste, creed or colour,
Our beloved Bapa you have given us lots of things,
Vivid, precious memories I will cherish forever in my heart,
Extraordinary mandirs across the globe,
Dancing and singing opportunities to please Bapa,

Beams of light with every smile,
An abundance of strength,
Prasadi, sweet, sweet ladoos I’ll always remember,
And for all of this I am forever grateful.

Diyani Navin Kerai

22 July 2020

Office of the Deputy President - Republic of Kenya, Kenya

22 July 2020

Shree Jalaram Satsang mandal - Bavla, India