Monday 19 October 2020 | Dwitiya Aso Sud 3, Samvat 2076

Mon 19 Oct 2020


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18 August 2020 | 2 months ago

Sangita Vekariya
Bhuj, India

7 August 2020 | 2 months ago

Chandni Harivadan Bhojani
Kingsbury, London, United Kingdom

Our Guru, our Father, our Mentor, our All. Our dearest Acharya Shree Swamishree Maharaj.

Thank you for all you have taught us. We are forever indebted for everything that you have done for us. You have shown and showered your lovingness to all.

Your kindness in your eyes, your enlightening smile and your inspirational Ashirwads shall be deeply missed and will always be remembered by all. Thankful and grateful for all the sweet memories you have given, we shall cherish it forever. Although you have gone to reside with Swamibapa you will always be here, in our heart and in our mind and will guide us to become a better person. Your life lessons will always guide us to the right path. Compassion for the downtrodden and selfless service to the needful will always be remembered.

Thankyou Bapa for all you have shown and will guide me through

માત તમે છો પ્રભુજી અમારા, પ્યાર અમોને દેતા રે.

Your ladli dikri,


30 July 2020 | 2 months ago

Smita Mepani and Chandni Mepani
London, United Kingdom

23 July 2020 | 2 months ago

Prachi dudhrejiya
Ahmedabad, India

Our beloved bapa thank u so much for giving me shelter.Thank u bapa for solving my each & every problems. You are my inspiration you are always present in my heart i wil alwz follow the  path that you've given us. You had been always humble and kind with everyone no matter whosoever it is.You are oxygen for us we can't survive without u. drops of your extreme love is always falling on us , love you bapa.Jay shree swaminarayan

22 July 2020 | 2 months ago

Abhijit Ghoshal, Playback singer
Mumbai, India

22 July 2020 | 2 months ago

Sonali Bajpai, Playback singer
Mumbai, India

19 July 2020 | 2 months ago

Dr. Sanjay Rawal
Ahmedabad, India

17 July 2020 | 3 months ago

, Yogi Divine Soceity

17 July 2020 | 3 months ago

Subhash Patel
Quakertown, United States

16 July 2020 | 3 months ago

Mahant Swami Maharaj, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha