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6 August 2020

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6 August 2020

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25 July 2020

Shaunaka Rishi Das, Director, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies - Oxford, United Kingdom

I am so sorry to hear this terrible news and I offer my condolences to you and your community.

I remember Maharaja very well indeed. Maharaja was a generous, thoughtful, and sincere devotee of the Lord. Although from a different tradition I saw his Vaishnava behaviour as an example for my spiritual practice. He was so willing to reach beyond boundaries and speak with others heart to heart, to offer prayer, inspiration, and encouragement in all he said, and in all his efforts to serve the Lord.

He was so kind and encouraging to me personally, and supportive of our efforts in Oxford to bring Hindu studies to the establishment, and to nurture our own Hindu youth in scholarship. He particularly told me that the excellence of Oxford was a treasure, and we are now adding another gem in the form of scholars of Hinduism. He invited me to speak to the community, as you will remember, particularly to enthuse the young people to take their culture seriously. He was very concerned about this, and we even spoke of establishing a scholarship to support and enthuse them. He was a long term thinker, as the best leaders are, and I was very inspired by his association because of this.

I attribute the success of our Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies to the prayers and blessings of great souls like Acharyaji. I will all remember his blessing for us and have continually taken heart from it.

Again, I offer the community every comfort in tolerating your grief. If there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask. You have been greatly blessed by your service to this wonderful teacher, and father of the community.

With sorrow, and with warmth.