Inspirator: His Divine Holiness Acharya Swamishree Purushottampriyadasji Maharaj
What is Bhakti?  

Devotion (Bhakti) is extreme love for the supreme Lord that is with a genuine understanding and knowledge of His greatness (Shikshapatri Slok 103).

There is nine types of bhakti that you can do:

  • Shravan bhakti - (listening to the discourses of the Lord)
  • Kirtan bhakti - (singing the praises of god)
  • Smaran bhakti - (reminiscing about the Lord)
  • Padsevan bhakti - (physically serving the Lord)
  • Archan bhakti - (performing devotional ceremonies, e.g. aarti, applying chandan to the Lord’s forehead, mahapooja)
  • Vandan bhakti - (bowing and prostrating before the Lord)
  • Dasya bhakti - (always remaining the Lord’s devout servant)
  • Sakhya bhakti - (having a rapport with the Lord so that there remains a total faith in His commands and His wishes are implicitly obeyed)
  • Samarpan bhakti - (offering all, wealth, body and soul to the Lord)

In the Vachanamrut, Lord Swaminarayan says that the ultimate type of bhakti is pativrata bhakti (chaste devotion). This is acheived when all the nine types of bhakti are performed together.

Just as a good woman will have a deep respect and great devotion towards her husband. When these qualities are directed toward God, pativrata bhakti is achieved. This is the goal that all should strive for.

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