Tuesday 21 September 2021 | Bhadarva Vad 1, Samvat 2077

Tue 21 Sep 2021

The event was held on 4th September 2003 in commemoration of Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami.


4th September 2003

To become a Sangeet Shastri, requires immense dedication and proficiency in classical music and dance, as well as an extensive talent for playing musical instruments. Such a highly skilled Sangeet Shastri was Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami.

Lord SwaminarayanBapa Swamibapa bestowed His divine blessings upon Sangeet Shashtri Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami, through which he acquired unequalled talents in both music and dance. His singing voice was as sweet as a nightingale’s, and for this he was renowned throughout India. He sang classical raag (Indian) pieces with as much splendour as he did contemporary music. His ability to play musical instruments was also unparalleled; he played the harmonium and tabla with graceful and melodious expertise. Such was Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami’s dedication and devotion, that whilst performing, he often became totally engrossed in the glorious murti of Lord SwaminarayanBapa Swamibapa. Through this divine association with the Supreme Lord, Sangeet Shastri Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami effortlessly composed new dance and musical routines which continue to be performed by Jeevanpran Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa’s sants.

Kirtan bhakti was Sadguru Shree Bhaktavatsaldasji Swami’s favoured form of devotion, so it was fitting that today’s kirtan bhakti and devotional dance evening was dedicated to our beloved Sangeet Shastri.

The evening’s events involved the devotional efforts of over a hundred devotees, ranging from the age of 5 to 50. The sangeet program included the kirtans:

  • “Sukhanee re vaat” performed by young girls of the congregation
  • “Na samjoo Shreeji shi reete” sung by male students of the sangeet classes
  • “Pyaar divya dete” sung by female students of the sangeet classes
  • “Rang rasme khilat” performed by all the members of the sangeet classes

Following the kirtan bhakti performances, a tabla taal was performed by the members of the sangeet classes who were learning to play the tabla. The next performance was of antaakshari - a medley of kirtans sung by the students of the Mandir’s Gujarati classes. The final item in the sangeet karyakram was a medley of kirtans accompanied by the tabla and sitar.

The evening’s events continued with a devotional dance to Raas Rasavali Part 3 – a continuous mixture of 12 kirtans, in which 12 groups of devotees performed devotional dance routines.

The final item of this devotional dance and sangeet evening was a medley of five prayers (prarthna kirtans).