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Diwali and New Year Celebrations - Nairobi

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Diwali and New Year Celebrations

Diwali festival was celebrated with great joy on 6th November 2010 in Nairobi. A large number of devotees took part in meditation and business owners performed “chopda poojan” to their books of accounts. Hundreds of different types of sweets were prepared and artistically arranged at the lotus feet of Lord Swaminarayan in form of an “Ankoot”. A special prayer “Naath Oh Mara Tamane Jamadi, Saheje Sukhda Madu Re” was offered to the Lord for Him to dine the Ankoot. A large number of people had gathered for this rare Ankoot darshan.

The New Year day was celebrated on 7th November 2010. Mangla Aarti was performed at 6.00am followed by Bhakti Kirtan, Muktajeevan Swamibapa’s ashirvad and dhoon. After this was the grand occasion of embracing and wishing Happy New Year to each other. Finally, delicious Ankoot prasad was distributed to all.

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