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London's New Temple Construction Progress
Externally there's very little going on. There's the paving and windows, but not much else. Inside is really where it's all still happening, though this may change soon (watch this space). Watch the video and check the progress.
23 Jan 2014

London's New Temple Construction Progress
Internal fit out continues to be carried out. Waterproofing of the main temple roof is underway.
Secondary boarding of the ground floor temple partitions are being put up. The central old power room has been removed and paving is coming along nicely.
07 Dec 2013

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury Blood Donation - Sunday 17 November 2013
The temple, formerly located in Golders Green, held its tenth successive donation session on Sunday 17 November 2013. As the temple is currently located in temporary accommodation at the Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Complex, Kingsbury, this blood donation session was held in the hall of the Golders Green - Dunstan Road Synagogue.
25 Nov 2013

London's New Temple Construction Progress
Ground floor windows have been fitted. Some are sealed. The remaining will get sealed once external access is possible.
The internal fit out is continuing with work also carrying on in the hall.
The suitably skilled temple devotees are now performing some works.
21 Nov 2013

Blood Donation Session - Sunday 17th Nov 2013
Blood Donation Session will be held at Golders Green Synagogue.
9:30-12:30 - 14:00-16:00
16 Nov 2013

Diwali & New Year's Day Celebrations at Kingsbury Mandir - Samvat 2070
Sunday 3rd November saw Diwali and New Years celebrations take place for the first time at Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury, as hundreds of disciples gathered to welcome in the year Samvat 2070.
16 Nov 2013

Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band London Leads Remembrance Day Parade - Edgware
Remembrance Day has been observed in all the Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I, as a memorial to the armed forces who have died in the line of duty ? in all world conflicts around the world. A two minute silence is observed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month as a tribute to them all.
15 Nov 2013

London's New Temple Construction Progress
The slower ground floor has been partitioned up, partitioned up. Ground floor windows are going in. Cabling is still being completed, and most importantly the scaffolding has been erected in preparation for the mouldings to be fixed.
29 Oct 2013

London's New Temple Construction Progress
Internal works are still ongoing, and now the windows are being installed to make the building water tight.
24 Oct 2013

Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band London Supports the Metropolitan Police Open Day
he London Borough of Barnet?s main police station in Colindale held an Open Day on Sunday 22 September 2013. Over 700 people from the Borough were given a behind the scenes glimpse of the station in Grahame Park Way.
25 Sep 2013

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