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SharadPurnima 7th Oct 2014 - Nairobi
The SharadPurnima is a harvest festival celebrated throughout India on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin (Asosud 15). This full moon comes during Sharad ritu (season) of the year and hence it is called SharadPurnima or SharadPoonam. (Purnima or Poonam = full moon).It marks the end of monsoon.
10 Oct 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

107th Pragatya Jayanti of Muktajeevan Swamibapa 24th Sept 2014
On Bhadarva Aamas, 24th September 2014, followers of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan, all over the world, celebrated 107th Pragatya Jayanti of their beloved Gurudev Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa. Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa manifested on this earth on Bhadarva Aamas 7th October 1907. Jeevanpran Swamibapa (as He was affectionately known; Jeevanpran meaning - life and soul) led the faith through the so called "modern era". He toured all over India, from village to village, town to town, city to city, establishing followers and temples.
05 Oct 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Prayers for Victims of Westgate Tragedy 21 Sept 2014
21st September 2013 was a dark day in the Kenyan history. A number of innocent lives were lost in the Westgate tragedy. After exactly one year, Shree Swaminarayan Siddhant Sajivan Mandal Nairobi held special prayers at Swamibapa Temple and adopted 67 baby elephants in memory of the Westgate victims.
27 Sep 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Swamibapa Mt.Kenya Expedition 18-21 April 2014
Year 2015 marks the completion of 15 years of Swamibapa Temple in parklands. To kick-start this occasion, a team of 20 young boys, girls, ladies and gents set on a mission to conquer Mt.Kenya. The youngest in the team being only 15 years and the eldest 55 years.
20 May 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Sadguru Din Posh Vad 2014
After the Sandhya Aarti niyams, everyone was deeply engrossed in meditation, a practice for getting higher consciousness or enlightenment. During the meditation, Jeevanpran Swamibapa explained the supremacy of Lord Swaminarayan and assisted the devotees to keep their focus.
03 Feb 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Bhakti Nrutya Nite 2014
On the evening of the 65th Indian Republic Day, disciples residing in Nairobi showed their patriotism through various traditional and Western dance performances.Some performed break dances while others performed with sticks. Disciples also performed a skit that conveyed a message on how bad alcohol is for one and the consequences it develops. Not only alcohol, but also other worldly illusions are bad as they obstruct our way to attain complete salvation.
02 Feb 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

65th Indian Republic Day 2014
On 26th January 2014, Indian National Flag Hosting ceremony was held at Swamibapa Temple in presence of the Chief Guest, Her Ladyship Hon. Justice Kalpana Rawal and her husband Dr. Hasmukh Rawal. They were warmly received at the temple by Acharya Swamishree who led to the flag podium as they walked past H.H Swamibapa Pipe Band.
02 Feb 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Donation to the Blind and Deaf Society 2014
Swamibapa Temple - Nairobi, under the umbrella of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan Maninagar - India, presented a handsome amount of cash donation to each of the two societies who support the under privileged children, the deaf and the blind, in Kenya.
02 Feb 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Maasai Mara Vicharan 2014
From the 17th to 19thJanuary 2014, HDH AcharyaSwamishree, santmandaland devotees visited the world famous game reserve,Maasai Mara. Some travelled by air while others travelled by road in mini vans.
29 Jan 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

Uttarayan Celebrations 2014
The term Uttarayanis derived from two different Sanskrit words "uttara" (North) and "ayana" (movement) thus indicating a semantic of the northward movement of the sun on the celestial sphere. The festival of Uttarayan marks the beginning of summer, it is the sign for farmers that the sun is back and the harvest season is approaching which is called Makar Sankranti.
17 Jan 2014   Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi

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